Wander of Light (2023)

directed by Agata Zych

”Wander of Light” pays tribute to authentic childhood vision, reminding us of the simplicity often lost in adulthood. It shows the beauty of our differences, highlighting how unique each of us is.

Subtitles available in different languages or without. Feel free to contact me for any specific language requests.


READ MORE >>> Wander of Light:Agata Zych’s Exploration of Childhood Imagination.


Official Selection at 100 Films Retreat Festival

(2024) California, USA

Official Selection at International 2 Sides Short Film Festival

(2024) Stokholm

Official Selection at Heritales – International Heritage Film Festival

(2024) Portugal

Official Selection at Duemila30, Social Impact Films

(2024) Milan, Italy

Interview for International Magazine Contemporary Lynx

(2024) Poznan, Poland

Nominated for 42rd Maria Dokowicz Competition for Best Diploma Project at the University of the Arts Poznan

(2023) Poznan, Poland

Special prize Forner Sp. z o.o.

(2023) Poznan, Poland

Special prize Contemporary Lynx

(2023) Poznan, Poland

Honorable mention SOLAR Company S.A.

(2023) Poznan, Poland